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Quote1 You think you know me. You don't know me. You haven't even met me. Yet. Sorry. Not sorry. Quote2
-- Lobo src

Real Lobo

Lobo was previously a honorable palace guard who protected the Czarnian royal family, until one day when the planet was starting to fall apart. He discovered the king was poisoning the planet's core with his own sick blood. Forced to slay the king and flee Lobo wanders the galaxy as a bounty hunter. He eventually discovers that another Czarnian who survived the planet's destruction and was pretending to be him. Eventually traces him to earth

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Was last shown being held captive inside one of Braniac 2.0's bottles. Guy Gardner almost frees him, however is stopped Hal Jordan grabs the bottle and suggests that they "leave him on the shelf".[1]



  • Aviation: It's been years since his planet-wide send off. Since then he's spent years piloting his ship through space, in and out of combat.[2]
  • Deception: Lobo's played possum to get into a subterranean military medical facility by actually flat-lining and allowing himself to be autopsied.[5]
  • Seduction[6]
  • Weaponry: Lobo never loved a woman the way he loves his choppers. His brutality is known throughout the galaxy.[2][5]
  • Lobo is also known as the Main Man.
  • Lobo is 27 years old, in Earth years.[5]



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