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"Wetterworld": Even more nature documentary teams stand in the heavy downpour of Kostner's World, hoping to catch a glimpse of all the fauna that thrive in the monsoon season. One presenter focuses on the lake, teeming with schools of ravenous piranha. The lake is maintained by by a series of lo

Quote1 Sheesh! Th' ignominy of it -- th' Main Man reduced to a skeleton collectin' fraggin' stupid snails! If Jonas Glim ever gets t'hear o' this...! Quote2
-- Lobo

Appearing in "Wetterworld"

Featured Characters:

  • Lobo (As a skeleton; as a ghost; resurrected)

Supporting Characters:

  • Carnivorous Snails (All die)
  • Sammy the Flesh-Crazed Snail (Only appearance; dies)
  • Snail possessed by Lobo (Single appearance)


  • Canis Galoopus (Only appearance; dies)
  • Canis' Dogs (Single appearance; die)
  • Lupus Galoopus (Mentioned only)

Other Characters:

  • Nature Documentary Teams (All die)
  • Noah (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Jed (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Jed's Co-Worker (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Piranha Fish
  • Jonas Glim (Mentioned only)


  • Kostner's World
  • Deluge (Destroyed)
  • Noah's Fark Bar (Destroyed)
  • Tuff Mutha Agricultural Meks (Destroyed)
  • Lake



Synopsis for "Wetterworld"

Even more nature documentary teams stand in the heavy downpour of Kostner's World, hoping to catch a glimpse of all the fauna that thrive in the monsoon season. One presenter focuses on the lake, teeming with schools of ravenous piranha. The lake is maintained by by a series of lock gates, sluices and run-off channels to prevent overflow and flooding in the extreme rain.

Below the lake, the citizens of Deluge take shelter in Noah's Fark. The owner of the bar answers the phone and has the unfortunate duty of informing Canis Galoopus on the other end that his brother Lupus is dead. Two workers from Tuff Mutha Agricultural Meks swig Strongbooz, one regaling some female company with the suicidal idiot who paid them to kill him and then guard his body until his spirit returned. The arrogant braggart gloats how they just kept the cash and ditched the body, mocking the Main Man for becoming snail food. His friend, Jed, suddenly stops drinking and a familiar voice interrupts the conversation. Jed is tossed aside with a hook to the back, before a skeletal Lobo finishes his partner in crime. Lobo takes his money back from the corpses and propositions the ladies who flee screaming. Noah hands the bony 'Bo a bottle of Strongbooz which pours straight through his ribcage. Not even having the lungs to smoke, Lobo is robbed of all his favourite vices and leaves determined to restore his body to its former glory.

On the rising lake shore, the swarm of naturalists spot a figure approaching from the damp mist. Heavily armed and leading a pair of ferocious hounds, Canis Galoopus has come out of hiding to seek revenge for the murder of his brother, threatening anyone who gets in his way. The terrified documentarians dive out of his path into the lake waters without thinking, and are subsequently torn to shreds by the piranha.

Elsewhere, Lobo locates the walk of snails that dined on his flesh and realises they all have to be collected before they digest him.

Canis bursts into Noah's Fark and demands the identity of his brother's killer. Noah tells him everything he knows about the stranger, even handing him the bottle he drank from so his dogs might pick up the scent. Canis is still not satisfied with the fact nobody tried to avenge Lupus' death at the time, and terrorises the bar before burning it to the ground.

Skeleton Lobo manages to gather the majority of the gluttonous gastropods into several sacks when he is mauled by Canis' dogs. He fends off the hounds until Canis shows himself, who wallops him with a sledgehammer. Lobo puts up a fight, but without and actual muscle behind his punches, he's overpowered. Proudly proclaiming to be the one to kill Lupus, Lobo has the back off his skull removed with a point-blank shot from Canis' assault rifle.

An ectoplasmic entity once more, Lobo hovers over his carcass which is being gnawed at by the dogs. With time running out to regenerate his body, Lobo's ghost spies two snails copulating on a branch and possesses the male. He immediately consumes his mate and, one by one, devours every slimy snail he sees on his way to the sacks, increasing in size with each mouthful, leaving a trail of empty shells behind him.

Canis pours himself a drink into the skull of his victim, only to turn to face a talking snail that's grown colossal by cannibalising it's colony. The monster tackles Canis into the water, severing his right arm with a single chomp. The monstrous mollusc moves in for another bite but nips the pin from one of Canis' grenades only. Slithering to shore, the sentient snail slides over his Czarnian remains while the nearby explosion destroys the safety measures holding back the torrential flood waters. The town of Deluge is washed away by an unstoppable wave, with any survivors savaged by the relentless piranhas.

A much more fleshed-out Lobo passes through the the rubble of the former town, with no prisoner or reward to show for his troubles. Hobbling along in his mangled, misshapen body, he's at least grateful to be back to normal.


  • Dawg (Cover only)
  • Lobo's next publication appearance is Green Lantern (Volume 3) #81.
  • There are several short strips throughout this issue featuring Sammy the Flesh-Crazed Snail.
  • Jed's co-worker is mistakenly called Jed in this issue. He's no longer blue-skinned either.


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