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Lobo Vol 2 4

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"The Qigly Affair (Part IV of IV): I Fragula": Lobo arrives at the space hub where Bunsen's Bounty is located, already spending the 10 million cred reward he'll claim for Qigly out loud. Qigly interrupts the bounty hunter with a cost calculation so far, informing him tha

Quote1 Lobo -- the Main Man -- big tough bounty hunter -- changing into a werewolf every month! It's so apt -- like some warped Czarnian version of P.M.S.! Quote2
-- Vril Dox

Appearing in "The Qigly Affair (Part IV of IV): I Fragula"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Vernon Z. Qigly (Dies)


  • Kamikaze Bitch-Babe Bikers from Hell (Only appearance; all die)
    • Marifran Kutesy-Not (Only appearance; dies)
  • The Dead Boys (Mentioned only)
    • Jugular (Mentioned only)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Qigly Affair (Part IV of IV): I Fragula"

Lobo arrives at the space hub where Bunsen's Bounty is located, already spending the 10 million cred reward he'll claim for Qigly out loud. Qigly interrupts the bounty hunter with a cost calculation so far, informing him that his proposed purchases only amount to 2 million galactic credits. With the mob accountants estimates, Lobo hypothetically spends the rest of his cash, with $5.95 to spare. Just enough for a meal at the re-opened Al's Diner.
Darlene tries to calm a neurotic Al as they prepare to welcome their first customer to their rebuilt restaurant. Both are horrified when they see Lobo walk through their door once more. Seating the pair in the observation booth, Darlene evades Lobo's lascivious advances and takes their order.

Outside there is another arrival at the satellite. Marifran Kutesy-Not and her Kamikaze Bitch-Babe Bikers from Hell were attending a débutante ball where they were all spiked with a military drug, Aggro-25. With all their latent aggression boiling to to surface, the the bevy of bikers start their own feminist war, murdering all men on sight, starting with the The Good Old Boys' Club.

Lobo tries to read but is plagued by the itchy bite mark he received from Jugular. His healing ability should have taken care of it and he feels unwell. It so happens that two full moons are within sight from the observation booth and Lobo transforms into a werewolf.
At that moment the furious femmes storm the diner, one of which makes the mistake of harassing the bestial 'Bo. No bullets can stop the lycanthropic Lobo from tearing through the women (and Al's new diner.) With her associates dead, Marifran tries a different approach, seducing the wild animal until he's close enough to shoot through the head at point blank range. It still has no effect, and the Czarnian creature sinks his teeth into her. In the chaos, Qigly attempts to sneak away, but is captured by the wolfman. Qigly does his best to try and reason with the monster, reminding him just how valuable his is to him.

When the sun rises, a groggy Lobo wakes to discover what's left of his bounty and takes it to the bounty office. Bunsen refuses to pay Lobo for his inadequate proof, causing the Main Man to storm out furiously. Lobo comes across Jonas drinking with Quietus and Murder and makes excuses for leaving his partner behind. Jonas simply gloats about the bounty he claimed on the Dead Boys with the other two, mocking Lobo for coming out empty handed.

Lobo travels to Planet Cairn to ask Vril Dox if he can cure his new affliction. His former employer revels in Lobo's predicament at first, until he's reminded there will be a full moon on Cairn soon. Dox hurriedly leads Lobo to the blood labs for an antidote.


  • No special notes.


  • There is a fourth wall gag in which Lobo says, "...Dagma City -- or Magda City, whatever th' dump's called!" This is a callback to a mistake in Lobo (Volume 2) #2 where a sign read "Magda City" after establishing the name as Dagma City.
  • Most of the biker babes are wearing Nazi iconography, a possible gag playing on the term feminazi.

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