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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV Series)
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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was a live-action weekly prime-time television series that aired for four seasons on the ABC network from September of 1993 to June of 1997. The series starred actress Teri Hatcher and actor Dean Cain the titular roles of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, respectively. All four seasons of the series have been released on DVD.

The primary cast of the series included all of the characters commonly associated with the Superman mythos including, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Inspector Henderson and Ma and Pa Kent. Further, the series also included the character of Cat Grant (Tracy Scoggins), a relatively new character who was not introduced into the Superman comic books until 1987. [1] The series also showcased Superman's most notorious adversary Lex Luthor (played by John Shea). Luthor was the primary antagonist throughout season one, but left the series after his supposed "death" in the season's cliffhanger episode, "The House of Luthor". Throughout its four-year run, Lois & Clark have spotlighted several well-known villains from the Superman comics including Metallo, the Prankster and Mister Mxyzptlk.

Principal Cast

Actor Character
Dean CainClark Kent/Superman
Teri HatcherLois Lane
Lane SmithPerry White
Eddie JonesJonathan Kent
K CallanMartha Kent
Michael LandesJimmy Olsen (Season 1)
Justin WhalinJimmy Olsen (Seasons 2-4)
John SheaLex Luthor (Season 1 Only)
Tracy ScogginsCat Grant (Season 1 Only)


Season One

Episode Air Date
"Series Pilot (Part I)"9-12-1993
"Series Pilot (Part II)"9-12-1993
"Strange Visitor (From Another Planet)"9-26-1993
"Neverending Battle"10-3-1993
"I'm Looking Through You"10-10-1993
"Requiem for a Super-Hero"10-17-1993
"I've Got a Crush On You"10-24-1993
"Smart Kids"10-31-1993
"The Green, Green Glow of Home"11-14-1993
"The Man of Steel Bars"11-21-1993
"Pheromone My Lovely"11-28-1993
"Honeymoon in Metropolis"12-12-1993
"All Shook Up"1-2-1994
"Illusions of Grandeur"1-23-1994
"The Ides of Metropolis"2-6-1994
"The Rival"2-27-1994
"Fly Hard"3-27-1994
"Barbarians at the Planet"5-1-1994
"The House of Luthor"5-8-1994

Season Two

Episode Air Date
"Madame Ex"9-18-1994
"Wall of Sound"9-25-1994
"The Source"10-2-1994
"The Prankster"10-9-1994
"Church of Metropolis"10-23-1994
"Operation Blackout"10-30-1994
"That Old Gang of Mine"11-13-1994
"A Bolt from the Blue"11-20-1994
"Seasons Greedings"12-4-1994
"Chi of Steel"1-8-1995
"The Eyes Have It"1-22-1995
"The Phoenix"2-12-1995
"Top Copy"2-19-1995
"Return of the Prankster"2-26-1995
"Lucky Leon"3-12-1995
"Tempus Fugitive"3-26-1995
"Target: Jimmy Olsen!"4-21-1995
"Individual Responsibility"4-16-1995
"Whine, Whine, Whine"5-14-1995
"And the Answer Is..."5-21-1995

Season Three

Episode Air Date
"We Have a Lot to Talk About"9-17-1995
"Ordinary People"9-24-1995
"When Irish Eyes are Killing"10-15-1995
"Just Say Noah"10-22-1995
"Don't Tug on Superman's Cape"11-5-1995
"Ultra Woman"11-12-1995
"Chip Off the Old Clark"11-19-1995
"Super Mann"11-26-1995
"Virtually Destroyed"12-10-1995
"Home is Where the Hurt Is"12-17-1995
"Never on Sunday"1-7-1996
"The Dad Who Came in From the Cold"1-14-1996
"Tempus Anyone?"1-21-1996
"I Now Pronounce You..."2-11-1996
"Double Jeopardy"2-18-1996
"Forget Me Not"3-10-1996
"Oedipus Wrecks"3-24-1996
"It's a Small World After All"4-28-1996
"Through a Glass, Darkly"5-5-1996
"Big Girls Don't Fly"5-12-1996

Season Four

Episode Air Date
"Lord of the Flys"9-22-1996
"Battleground Earth"9-29-1996
"Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding"10-6-1996
"Soul Mates"10-13-1996
"Brutal Youth"10-20-1996
"The People vs. Lois Lane"10-27-1996
"Dead Lois Walking"11-10-1996
"Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark"11-17-1996
"Stop the Presses"12-8-1996
"Twas the Night Before Mxymas"12-15-1996
"Lethal Weapon"1-5-1997
"Sex, Lies and Videotape"1-19-1997
"Meet John Doe"3-2-1997
"Lois and Clarks"3-9-1997
"AKA Superman"3-16-1997
"Faster Than a Speeding Vixen"4-12-1997
"Shadow of a Doubt"4-19-1997
"Voice From the Past"4-26-1997
"I've Got You Under My Skin"5-31-1997
"Toy Story"6-7-1997
"The Family Hour"6-14-1997


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