In 1938, Lois Lane was a reporter working for the Daily Star. She vigilantly volunteered to cover the news on the fallen Martian cylinder in Woking after upon hearing that her boss George Taylor had gave the assignment to rookie reporter Clark Kent while she doing meager at the Daily Star. Instead, she work alongside with Clark. Upon arriving at Woking they interviewed Professor Ogilvy and being introduced to his colleague Lex Luthor. Thereafter, Lois witnessed the first appearance of the Martians and their immediate aggression on humanity. She was protected from the Martians' heat-ray when Clark shielded her and subsequently revealing his costume underneath. Lois was shocked of what Clark is as she watched afar during his battle against the Martians. She meets up with Lex Luthor and they retreat to Lex's laboratory. But on the way, she and Lex were then captured by Martian tripods.

Within three weeks Earth fell to the Martians. Lois was kept alive at the behest of Lex, who aligned himself to the Martians, mostly to keep a captured Clark in check. When Lex was betrayed and being devoured by the Martians, Lois saved him and freeing Clark in the process. After leveling the ones inside the ship and the ones tending to their human prisoners, Lois recoiled from Clark, telling him that she can't bear to have an alien (she discovered this revelation from Luthor) touch her after what the Martians have done. They are then set upon by tripods in which Lois and Luthor watched Superman valiantly destroying the tripods before dying from exhaustion. Lois was sad for Clark's passing and guilty for being afraid of him.

Following the end of the invasion and Earth's reconstruction, Lois married Luthor.



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