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In the parallel reality known as Earth-Three, Lois Lane first became aware of the existence of super-heroes (her own world at that time having only super villains) when she met the extradimensional hero named Captain Comet, who had traveled there from Earth-One. She was attracted to Comet and aided him as far as she could, but after he returned home she eventually married Earth's greatest champion, Alexander Luthor. Shortly before the event known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Luthors gave birth to a baby boy, Alex, Jr. When the Anti-Monitor, released a wave of Antimatter energy that swept across the Multiverse, Lois and Alex placed their son inside of a specially designed module and launched him away from the beleaguered planet. Alex, Sr. and Lois Lane died in each other's arms as the Antimatter swept across their world.



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