Lois Lane, or "L" was a worker at the Daily Planet in 1976. Soldiers eventually come into her establishment and break their printing presses, and attempt to rape her, but she is saved by a man named Kal-El. The soldiers are angered by El's intervention, and instead send Lois' boss Peregrine White to the stocks for lashings, which Lois claims will kill him, and it does. A year later, Lois encounters Kal-El again, and he tries to join her rebellion against the King Gar-El. Kal informs Lois of a secret weapon that can be used against Gar-El that is hidden in his castle dungeon. Lois accompanies Kal to it, and she challenges Kal to prove his allegiance to the rebellion by taking it himself. They return to the rebellion's base, and Kal leaves to confront the King. Kal dies at the palace, but Gar-El leaves the planet. The rebellion members celebrate, and Lois proclaims the fallen Kal-El to be responsible for their new found freedom.



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