Lois is the Daily Planet's premiere investigative journalist. In the pilot, she argues with her younger sister Lucy about her love life. Lucy thinks her behavior scares men away. Lois just wants to meet a guy who can keep up with her.

Lois has an estranged relationship with her father, Dr. Sam Lane. Her parents are (not particularly amicably) divorced, and this causes stress around the holidays, especially in contrast to Clark's happily married parents.

Lois was briefly engaged to Lex Luthor, but she couldn't go through with the wedding and Lex took his own life after being outed as a criminal mastermind by Perry, Jimmy, Jack, and Inspector Henderson.

Martha and Jonathan Kent took a liking to their future daughter-in-law right away, when Clark brought her with him to Smallville to cover a story. She talks to Clark's mother after he proposes to her, and Martha tells her the story of how she turned Jonathan down the first (two) times he asked her to marry him.


Lois was hit by a Red Kryptonite beam, which briefly transferred Superman's powers to her. During this time, she adopted the alter ego of Ultrawoman, donning a purple costume similar to Clark's.



  • Lois was portrayed by Teri Hatcher. In the episode "Brutal Youth", an aged Lois was portrayed by Barbara Pilavin.
  • In the pilot, Lois is said to be 26 years old.
  • As of "Madame Ex", Lois has worked at the Daily Planet for five years (circa 1989).



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