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Lois Lane Smallville 002
Information-silkReal NameLois Lane
Information-silkRelativesSam Lane (father); Ella Lane (mother, deceased); Lucy Lane (sister); Chloe Sullivan (cousin); Gabe Sullivan (uncle); Moira Sullivan (aunt)
Information-silkAffiliationJustice League; formerly Checkmate
Information-silkBase Of OperationsMetropolis; Smallville, Kansas
Information-silkIdentityPublic Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusEngaged
Information-silkOccupationReporter for the Daily Planet; former reporter for "The Inquisitor"; former waitress at The Talon
Information-silkHeight5' 6"
Information-silkWeight120 lbs (54 kg)
Information-silkEyesBrown Green
Information-silkCreatorsJerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
First Appearance
(September, 2004)

Quote1 Rule #3: Do whatever it takes to get the story. Quote2
-- Lois Lane src

In recent years, a younger Lois Lane has become a recurring character on the live-action WB series, Smallville, starting in the fourth season. Erica Durance plays the part of the irascible Lois and enjoys nothing more than needling teenage Clark Kent into fits of nervousness. This version of Lois is a great departure from previous incarnations as initially she has no desire at all to pursue a field in journalism. Further, she is also the only version of Lois Lane who has not invariably fallen in love with Smallville's favorite son - Clark Kent. Ironically however, she did enjoy brief romances with a blond-haired swimmer named Arthur Curry, and with the CEO of Queen Industries, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow).

In fact, Lois and Clark have an almost sibling like style of rivalry, but the show makes many tongue-in-cheek allusions to their eventual romance. She is also the cousin of the character Chloe Sullivan. Since the 5th and 6th Season, Lois started to write for The Metropolis Inquisitor, lately, the newest Editor In Chief of the Daily Planet, Grant Gabriel, offered Lois Lane a job, and she took it.

Chloe Sullivan left the bullpen, and Clark Kent took her desk encouraged by Lois. Now, they both are working side by side at the Daily Planet, and exploring new feelings in their relationship.


  • Lois was born around 1985; she was about four when the first meteor shower hit Smallville.
  • Lois began smoking when she was 15, but she had quit by the time she arrived in Smallville (although she was then addicted to nicotine gum instead). Currently, she seems to have kicked both habits.
  • Lois' mother might have died of lung cancer; when Clark expresses his condolences, she remarks that it is not anybody's fault her mother started smoking in high school.
  • Lois has dated both Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) and Arthur Curry (Alan Ritchson). Both of these actors have portrayed Ritchson's character of Arthur Curry/Aquaman.
  • Lois is the current tenant in the apartment above the Talon.
  • Lois drove a silver GMC Envoy, and then a 2005 red Ford Fusion.
  • In "Bizarro", she drove a 2007 Toyota Camry.
  • Lois is a poor speller and an even worse chef.
  • Lois is highly allergic to dogs.
  • Lois is a third-degree black belt.
  • Lois was saved twice from drowning: once by Clark Kent and once by Arthur Curry.
  • Even though she was a main character, Lois did not appear in every episode because Erica Durance was only contracted to do about 13 episodes per season.
  • Lois is an avid fan of the rock band Whitesnake.
  • In the comics, Lois' middle name is Joanne but it has yet to be confirmed on the show.


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