Lois Lane used to work at the LuthorCorp Media until she was fired.

Clark Kent is walking outside the Luthorcorp Media, when he encounters Lois Lane who hits him with her car. She gets out of the car, and is worried that Clark will fire her for this. Oliver Queen steps in, and Clark discovers that they are engaged, and tells Oliver he is lucky to have her. Later in her engagement party with Oliver she tells him that she loves him because he is the best man she knows and when they are ready to kiss, Clark kidnaps Lois only to trade her for the Mirror box that he thinks Oliver has. Clark takes this opportunity to try and convince Lois that he is not Clark Luthor by telling her things about her personality that he is attracted too by his Lois as well as how his Lois is the only one that can see right through him and straight into his heart. Lois realizes he is telling the truth and for a moment she experiences a profound connection with him unlike any other she had ever known only for him to disappear out of her life.

Lois once again encountered Clark Kent when he was sent to Earth-2 by Clark Luthor. She was seen attending the funeral of her husband, Oliver, who Luthor had murdered after he had revealed Clark's weakness to the world. Lois believe that this Clark was the man that murdered Oliver, so she pulled out a piece of kryptonite and threatened to kill him with it until Clark convinced her of his true identity by reminding her of the conversation they previously had on the Daily Planet rooftop. Upon realizing who she with Lois immediately recontains the kryptonite and warns Clark that people are on the look out for him and are carrying kryptonite weapons and suggest he find a way out back to his world as soon as possible.