Loma was one of the 11 wives of Shalako and mother of Dardanus. After the Great Deluge, Shalako announces that his followers and he will be leaving Poseidonis using a series of underground tunnels that connect all of the great cities. He intends on leading an exodus from Poseidonis to settle in the ruins of what was once the sister-city of Tritonis.

Shalako has forsaken the grace of the sky goddess Suula in favor of the dark gods. He uses his magic to create a pocket of hard water that protects his wife Loma and he. He uses this same magic to create a giant hard-water dome that shields Tritonis from the crushing ocean water, but the dark gods demand a sacrifice. Shalako murders his wife and offers up her blood as a gift to the gods. His son, Dardanus, witnesses the murder of his mother.[1]