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Lord Havok (Earth-8)
Information-silkReal NameAlexi Nikolai
Information-silkCurrent AliasLord Havok
Information-silkRelativesCzar Nikolai III (father, deceased)
Information-silkBase Of OperationsAngor
Information-silkIdentityPublic Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusSingle
Information-silkHeight6' 0"
Information-silkWeight230 lbs (104 kg)
Information-silkCreatorsPaul Dini, Keith Giffen
First Appearance


Havok was born as Alexi Nikolai, the son of Czar Nikolai III of Russia. There were complications in the delivery, and he was born disfigured. His father, disgusted by his son, attempted to kill him, but was stopped by his wife, who later sent Alexei away to escape the czar's wrath. As he grew, Alexi developed a talent for designing machines and androids, and in college even created a malleable liquid-metal skin that he could control with his mind. Some time later, Alexi's father discovered that his wife had been sending Alexi money to fiance his study, and killed her. Angered at the loss of the one person who he loved, Alexi returned to his homeland, and used his new technology to kill his father. He then gives the Russian people 24 hours to evacuate before massive devices of his own invention eradicate Russia.

After he destroyed Russia, Lord Havok's actions are unknown (save that he assisted Gorgon, Tracer, Doctor Diehard and Dreamslayer). However, when Tin Man tried to bring together all of Angor's metahumans, he brought his associates together to form an alliance. On this day, the Extremists were founded - to fight the foes no one of them could withstand. Lord Havok's role in the organization was to act as chief planner. Their first action was the assassination of President Tin Man, which established the group as renegades. Months later, Lord Havok decided to strike again. He and his Havokoids attacked the Eastern European nation of Slovekia, killing its royal family and, apparently, attempting to establish the Extremists as a member of the global community[1]. However, this plan was halted by the unexpected arrival of the "Challengers from Beyond" and the Monarch's army. After a brief fight, the Extremists impressed Monarch enough to make him offer them membership in his army... but Lord Havok declined.[2] Fuming, Monarch departed with his forces, vowing not to leave such a powerful force free to attack his vanguard.

Lord Havok continued with his inscrutable plans, which involved leaving the Extremists sitting around the castle in the capital of Slovekia, waiting.[3] When Monarch returned, with his army augmented by the Meta Militia, the Extremists fought until they were overwhelmed. Monarch led his forces into the room that Lord Havok has barely left since he took Slovekia. They don't know what to expect, and were a little surprised to find a large empty room containing one chair. Monarch's forces gathered around - and Lord Havok fatally punched Herr Superman in the chest, killing him. Havok then revealed that the room is a power-negation chamber, and this was all part of his master plan. With their powers lost, they cannot leave, and the entire army is swiftly butchered by the Extremists, who are specifically not negated by the room. With Monarch at his mercy, Lord Havok made an offer - he will join his great army as a second-in-command. Monarch accepted, and Lord Havok gives the army its powers back - or so it seemed.

Weeks later, when Monarch's army met its final end on Earth-51, Lord Havok revealed that he had kept back a small portion of Monarch's unbridled quantum powers, and used it to teleport the Extremists out of the danger zone to a prepared base on the near side of Angor's Moon. Now aware of the multiverse, Lord Havok planed to follow in Monarch's footsteps as a transuniversal conqueror.[4]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Genius Level Intellect: Lord Havok showed high intelligence from an early age and has built on this, with training in superpower-damping technology, robotics and weapons technology.
  • Occultism: Lord Havok has apparently learned how to use "backwards speech" to effect magic in the world.[3]



  • Havok Armor


  • With his arrogant nature and powered armor, Lord Havok is based on the Pre-Crisis villain of the same name, but ultimately on the Marvel Comics villain Doctor Doom.


  • His robotic servants, the Havokoids - robots built to resemble his armor and carry out his instructions.


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