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Determined to find out Batman and Robin's true identities, the Siren put Commissioner Gordon under her spell and had him hide in the trunk of the Batmobile. On arriving in the Batcave, Gordon emerged and spotted Alfred, recognizing him as Bruce Wayne's butler. Alfred quickly rendered Gordon unconscious with the Bat-Sleep gas.

This plan having failed, the Siren took over the mind of Bruce Wayne. At the Wayne Foundation Building, the Siren forced Bruce to sign over everything he owned to her. This having been done, the Siren was going to make Bruce jump off the roof, but Robin and Batgirl overpowered her attacking henchmen and rescued Bruce. During the struggle, the Siren was knocked over the edge of the roof; left hanging on the edge, the Siren was forced to sing an antidote note to release Bruce before Robin would pull her to safety. She sang the note and, in doing so, lost her singing voice forever.

When the Commissioner was revived by Batman, thankfully he remembered only the Siren entering his office and nothing about what had happened afterwards.


The Siren is able to sing notes high enough to control the minds of men.


The Siren's power is ineffective against women.



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