Lori is Lex Luthor's niece. She was on a bridge when it collapsed, Superboy flew to the rescue, but she was saved by Krypto. [1]

Later, Lori broke into a pharmacy to steal some medicine for her mother, but she was stopped by Superboy and Krypto, who then gave her a ride home. Later that night she received a visit from her uncle Lex, who used kryptonite to weaken Superboy and Krypto. Lex used Lori as a hostage to convince Superboy to find the ingredients used to create a medicine powerful enough to make Lori's mother walk again. Lex then reveals that he could in fact do so himself and does so only to take it away.[2]

Lori is later seen at Superboy's high school (the only high school in Smallville) and begins to suspect that there is an unusual connection between her and Superboy when one unusual day at school she sees Conner change into Superboy and realizes the truth and her connection to him. [3]