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Lucas "Luke" Fox was born into a family of wealth and prestige, his father Lucius Fox was president and CEO of Wayne Enterprises and a genius scientist and inventor. Lucas, it seemed had inherited his father's natural intellect and was extremely intelligent. Luke graduated MIT with double degrees in engineering and business management and soon had hundreds of job offers from around the world even one from his fathers company of Wayne Enterprises. However Lucas had other aspirations seeking to gain the attention of the Batman (Bruce Wayne) he took to MMA and cage fighting, hoping the Batman would notice his skills and intellect and recruit him into the new fledgling Batman Incorporated which gained him the scorn of his father, who was distraught that his son was ignoring so many prospects to go fight in "Barbaric cage-matches".

Luke's dream came to fruition after the previous Batwing, David Zavimbe (Prime Earth) retied from the cap and cowl for personal reasons. Batman, stating Luke was his "first choice" quickly tried to recruit him as the new Batman of Africa, Batwing. Luke eagerly excepted disguising his new job by saying he wanted to take a yearlong trip to the motherland. His father, upset at his seemingly reckless antics argued with him which resulted with Luke leaving forcefully in a huff.


  • Boxing: Luke was a world class boxer before being recruited and trained by Batman in further fighting styles.[1]
  • Engineering: Luke has a degree from MIT for engineering
  • Business Management: Luke was given business lessons by his father and refused a job at Wayne Enterprises in order to pursue his own ideals.
  • Disguise[2]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): He is trained by Batman as well as being an accomplished boxer and mixed martial arts fighter.[2]
  • Tactical Analysis: Luke was praised by Batman in his decision making skills. Affording him extra capabilities both on and off the battlefield.


  • Lucas enjoys "torrenting" movies.[2]



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