Professor Lucinda Caitlin Venture was a scientist at the Atari Institute who was assigned to study Christopher Champion (Tempest), who was born with the ability to transport himself through the Multiverse by a technique called "phasing". She knew the background of the family Christopher came from -- his being the son of Martin Champion, the leader of the original Atari Force team -- and somehow empathized with his being blamed by his father for the death of his mother Lydia Perez. Over time she bonded with the young man and became proud of what he was able to accomplish, like the mother Christopher never had.

Professor Venture introduced Morphea, a psychiatrist and counselor that was hired by the Atari Institute, to both Martin and Christopher during her first day. She also tried to help Christopher find out the origin of the Dark Destroyer when he returned to New Earth on a secret search, only to be captured and held in custody to stand trial for the theft of Scanner One along with his father.