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Lucius Fox 0001
Information-silkReal NameLucius Fox
Information-silkCurrent AliasLucius Fox
Information-silkRelativesTanya Fox (wife), Tiffany Fox (daughter), Tim Fox (son), Tam Fox (daughter)
Information-silkBase Of OperationsGotham City
Information-silkIdentityPublic Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusMarried
Information-silkOccupationCEO of Wayne Enterprises, formerly Atwater Air
Information-silkUniverseEarth-One, New Earth
Information-silkCreatorsLen Wein, John Calnan
First Appearance

Quote1 Bruce arranged the insurance, so of course the file is... vague. Quote2
-- Lucius Fox src


Lucius Fox is the current CEO and President of Wayne Enterprises and a sought after businessman all over the corporate world. He first met his future employer Bruce Wayne in Paris, when Wayne saved him from a mugger's attack. The two became fast friends and Bruce invited him to help him start a charity organization that later became known as the Wayne Foundation. Bruce recognized Lucius's strong business ethics and before long, Fox was a high ranking officer in Wayne Enterprises.

He graduated magna cum laude from the Morton School of Business. After school he took a position at Atwater Air and saved it from near bankruptcy to success. After that Lucius Fox has been sought after by the large corporations in the world.

With Bruce spending more and more time operating as Batman, he had little time for day-to-day business affairs and virtually handed the reigns of the company over to Lucius. In time, Lucius became the CEO of the company, saving Wayne Enterprises from financial ruin, along with his quick-witted business savvy and strong ethics that helped the corporation to prosper.

While traveling through Europe, Fox was kidnapped by Baron Bedlam in Markovia. Batman asked the Justice League to launch a rescue mission, but they refused because it would violate U.S. diplomatic policy. Batman quit the League and launched his own rescue mission with Black Lightning posing as Fox's brother.[1] They break Fox out of his cell, and leave him with a gun to take charge of the prison guards. This mission caused Batman to create the Outsiders.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Business Management: Lucius Fox is unparalleled in the world of business and finance.
  • Leadership: He commands the respect and attention of those under his charge and is largely responsible from rescuing Wayne Enterprises from ruin and forging it into the multinational corporate giant that it is today.
  • Military Protocol: Lucius Fox has mentioned serving active duty in the U.S. Military during the Korean War.[2]



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