Lucy Lane was the younger sister of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. While overseas, Lucy met the Swiss criminal and loan shark Marcus Becker. They thought up a plan to extort money from Lex Luthor. Lucy showed up in Smallville with a story about how she had got in with the wrong crowd, ran up her credit cards, and now owed a loan shark $50,000. Clark Kent went to Lex for help, and Lex seized the opportunity to apprehend Becker, who happened to be an old business acquaintance. While exchanging the money, Becker pistol-whipped Lex and kidnapped Lois Lane and, seemingly, Lucy as well. He held them all hostage in the back of an 18-wheeler. However, Lois and Clark realized at the same time that Lucy was using them all. Clark intercepted the truck and was able to use his powers to incapacitate and apprehend Becker. In the confusion, Lucy got away with Lex's money and went into hiding.

When Lois was under the influence of gemstone kryptonite, she called Lucy to tell her she is getting married. Lucy can be heard screaming for joy through the phone.

Lucy and General Lane came to visit Lois and Clark at the Kent Farm for Thanksgiving. However, Lucy wanted to test Clark's loyalty to Lois and kissed him in time to be caught by Lois, intending to cause tension between the couple. Lois was not amused and knew perfectly well that Lucy had instigated this. Lucy, in the hopes of winning favor with her father, Sam, agreed to help a disguised Rick Flag exposed Clark as an ally with the vigilantes. Flag gave her an envelope of photos, which showed Clark's meeting with Kara Kent, and also planted a homing device on Sam, supposedly to keep him safe. In truth, however, Rick Flag, wanting the Vigilante Registration Act to fail, had planted the photos to turn the General against Clark, and to draw him away from the Kent farm, so as to kill him.

At the Talon apartment, Lois pleaded with the General to accept her relationship with Clark, to which both the General and Lucy attempted to claim their actions were solely out of their desire to protect her. Lois refused this, and tearfully told them that if they loved her, they would respect her choice to be with Clark. Realizing that Lois was right, Lucy and the General departed, moments before a missile aimed for the General, nearly killed Lois. The Talon was destroyed, but Clark rescued her, gaining the respect of both Lucy and the General. Lucy, meanwhile, came to admit that she didn't mean to hurt Lois. Although Lois didn't fully trust Lucy, she seemed to accept her sister and the two came to terms with their sibling issues.




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