The half-brother of priest Perry Dennison. An escaped convict, during a confrontation between himself and Dennison, he was attacked by the alien parasite Gemir along with his brother and was radically changed. Formerly a drunken murderer, Hames has an epiphany that everything he's believed is wrong and decides to change his ways. He uses the healing powers he's been imbued with to save others, becoming the Samaritan. This brings him into conflict with his brother, who saw the experience as a sign evil truly did exist, and forgoes his life of virtue and uses his powers to drain the life of others, becoming Cardinal Sin. Determined to stop him, Luke follows his brother to Gotham City, but is kidnapped by Batman, as he is still wanted for murder. Taken to the Batcave for interrogation, Luke manages to convince him of his brother's plot to murder a venerated Bishop visiting Gotham, and they join forces to stop him. Though they fail to stop him from draining the Bishop's life, Samaritan uses his powers to save him. He soon ends up directly fighting his brother, and their conflicting powers cause a massive battle of energies. In the end, the fight causes both their powers to burn out for good and the Samaritan is left in a coma.



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This character was one of the many superpowered individuals introduced during the "Bloodlines" crossover event, where a number of Alien Parasites invaded the Earth and inadvertently activated the Metagene in a number of people. While not necessarily all members of the "Blood Pack", this group of people has come to be known as the "New Bloods". This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the "New Bloods" category.