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Quote1 I can be a psycho without the mask. Quote2
-- Lynx src

Lynx II was a member of the Golden Dragons who took upon the name of the fallen gang leader and operated in Gotham City as an anti-heroine.

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Lynx II joined The Network after Batman's death and helped fight the street gangs in Gotham.[1] During one of these fights, she was outnumbered and had to be saved by Man-Bat.[2]


  • Master Swordsman: Lynx is practically at one with her sword, taking on multiple henchmen and thugs at the same time armed with only it and her knowledge. She's taken down the likes of Robin/Red Robin, Spoiler, and the Gotham City PD without too much trouble.
  • Expert Tactician: Lynx has shown the ability to deduce battle strategies and learning the normal fighting styles of heroes such as Robin.
  • Acrobatic: Lynx's acrobatic ability has let her reach destinations before some of the Batman Family.
  • Expert Martial Artist: When Lynx is without her sword this doesn't stop her from being a powerful fighting force. She knows at least Kung Fu. [citation needed]
  • Bilingual: Lynx can speak fluent Chinese (simplified) and speaks semi-broken American English.




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