During the civil war between the white and green Martians that resulted in the species' extinction, a pair of white Martian parents managed to launch an escape rocket carrying their young daughter toward the neighboring planet of Earth. The crashed pod and the child were discovered by agents of Checkmate, who brought the girl to their headquarters, the Castle, for further study. M'Gann was placed under the care of agent King Faraday, and the pair became very close, with M'Gann shifting into a human shape that was an exact douple of King's own deceased daughter. When the Castle fell under assault from the Kandorians, King and M'Gann were trapped in M'Gann's containment cell. King eventually succumbed to hunger and thirst, but not before leaving a message for any potential rescuers to find. Using her Martian abilities to escape, M'Gann followed her telepathic senses to Metropolis, where she sensed the presence of a green Martian, J'onn J'onzz.



  • Her human appearance is the look of King Faradays deceased daughter.



  1. The powers and weaknesses listed are based on the common abilities of Martians first demonstrated by J'onn J'onzz. The refrences listed are based on J'onzz as depected in the Earth-One and New Earth continuities.
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