A former member of the Seven Sentinels as "The Vigilante from Venus," Qualtz eventually retired from superheroics and used her telepathy and shapeshifting to find a new career as a porn star. After several years, she disappeared and it was later revealed that she had undergone a metamorphosis unique to her species. She became a gigantic, multi-eyed worm covered in monofilaments capable of slicing between atoms. Yearly she would exit the sewers of Neopolis, where she hibernated, and remove the heads of prostitutes to eat their pineal glands. The regular yearly appearance of these bodies was blamed on the "Libra Killer." She was eventually arrested by a team of officers led by Jackie Phantom, including Shock-Headed Peter and Dust Devil, and ended up in a large, clear tube inside Precinct 10's holding cells. She managed to use her telepathy to try and trick other heroes into freeing her, but these attempts were foiled. The Seven Sentinels promised to bring legal action on her behalf, but Qualtz was killed during the fight between the precinct's offices and the evil Commisioner Ultima. It is implied, in part by Qualtz herself, that even if she had not been killed by Ultima the Seven Sentinels would have killed her, to ensure she would be unable to reveal their secret activities as a pedophile ring.



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