While Clark Kent attempted to help a young girl escape from Granny Goodness, he heard the sounds of claws, swords and combat. Upon arrival, he saw women training with sharp weapons but was subsequently weakened by kryptonite. One woman attacked Clark with a kick, another with a cane, and lastly, Harriet scratched Clark's face with her sharp claws. A fighter lassoed Clark down to the floor and Harriet dominated him by stepping on his chest. Harriet, in reference to the young girl, stated no one there needed saving - except him. Later, Harriet was putting more kryptonite in her claws while her girls were holding Clark with chains.

Clark tried to convince Harriet that he could help her and her sisters escape, but she claimed she did not want to, stating no one would love them as much as Granny did and that she would never abandon them. He attempted to convince Harriet that Granny was controlling them and forcibly making them forget where they came from, but Harriet stated that this was their home now. Harriet then scraped Clark with her kryptonite-ridden claws. Granny Goodness entered and ordered Harriet to stop torturing Clark. Tess Mercer found Harriet after she escaped from Granny. At the moment that Tess was descending the stairs, Harriet pushed her against a wall and fought with Tess. She tried to attack Tess several times but when Tess got the upper hand, Harriet was thrown through a glass panel and knocked unconscious.



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