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Magala was a cavewoman who was murdered by her mate. As she was the victim of male violence, Gaea took her spirit to the Well of Souls. She claimed she was the first of many. Some 40.000 years later, as the Gods created the Amazons, Magala was among them. As she looked nothing like her new sisters, she chose a life of seclusion. In her hermitage, she studied the arcane and the mystic.

One of Magala's creations was a mirror. When she showed it to the 12 year old Diana, a fragment of her soul bonded with the mirror image, creating Donna Troy.

Years later, Magala had a vision Wonder Woman would die shortly. Troubled, Hippolyta called for another contest, and asked Magala to rig it. The replacement, Artemis, died, but so did Diana. She was killed by Neron.

Magala was killed when a spell went awry. Due to her self-imposed seclusion, no one noticed that she had died, which allowed Circe to snatch her body and revive it, inhabited by the soul of Ariadne.





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