Maggie McDougal hosted Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan who were on a secret getaway in the McDougal Mansion. Lois Lane and Clark Kent also went to the McDougal Mansion for a romantic getaway. Lois rang the bell several times before Maggie came to greet them and Maggie told them that their room had been flooded by the rainy weather. They decided to take any available room but Maggie told them the last had been checked out. Clark decided to go fix the room himself and left Lois in the lobby with Maggie.

While moving her bags, Lois accidentally scratched a portrait of Maggie's ancestor, Bevan McDougal. Maggie explained to Lois that Bevan usurped his sister Siobhan's throne, took her castle and her crown and then killed her. According to legend, Siohban felt so betrayed that she made a deal with the underworld and was allowed to walk among the living again but at a price: to kill any man who crosses her path.

After hearing a scream come from outside, Maggie tried to reassure the guests that it was just an animal and that there was nothing to worry about. Later, Clark and Chloe learned more about the legend of Siobhan from Maggie: according to the legend, Siobhan returned with enormous powers and that any man who heard her cry died instantly, so the villagers renamed her Silver Banshee. There was a portal in a relic that belonged to Siobhan, through which she could return to the world, but that her uncle was so afraid of his sister that he performed a ritual to seal the portal with Siohban's own blood. Clark uses his powers and found Siohban's portrait under the painting that Lois scratched. They realize that Lois accidentally opened the portal.

Maggie helped Chloe figure out how to close the portal. They find the diary of Bevan McDougal, but it is in Gaelic. Maggie translated it and discovered that fire can close the portal. Chloe took the portrait, took it out of the canvas and threw it into the fireplace, sending the Silver Banshee back to the underworld.