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"Beware the Eyes of Baron Tyme": Man-Bat discovers his wife has been turning into a vampire She-Bat and murdering people at the mental behest of a sorcerer named Baron Tyme. Langstrom takes his patented fo

Quote1 From the beginning, you and your wife have been remarkably easy to manipulate. I've used you like puppets -- and not till the very end of my plan, did you even come close to discovering my identity. Quote2
-- Baron Tyme

Appearing in "Beware the Eyes of Baron Tyme"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Antioke University


Synopsis for "Beware the Eyes of Baron Tyme"

Man-Bat discovers his wife has been turning into a vampire She-Bat and murdering people at the mental behest of a sorcerer named Baron Tyme. Langstrom takes his patented formula and turns into the Man-Bat. He flies after Francine and tries to stop her, but is confounded by a series of illusions that Baron Tyme has generated to confound him. He follows the She-Bat into Gotham City and prevents her from pouncing upon a civilian named Professor Raymond Arthur. While Francine is temporarily knocked insensate, the Man-Bat looks after Professor Arthur. He asks Arthur about Baron Tyme, and Arthur realizes that he must be referring to Professor Clement Tyme, a scholar of Medieval lore at Antioke University. Suddenly, the She-Bat revives and slashes at Professor Arthur, killing him.

The Batman hears about the bat-related attacks on the news and decides to intervene. He suspects that either Kirk or Francine are at it again.

Kirk meanwhile, takes Francine back to their home outside of Gotham City and gives her the antidote which turns her back to normal. Without warning, Kirk's ears are assaulted by a high-pitch noise. Batman bursts into the house armed with a sonar pulse weapon to disorient Kirk, allowing him the chance to tackle him. As Man-Bat, Kirk takes to the air and Batman follows suit via his batrope. After a brief bit of fighting, Man-Bat explains the situation to Batman and tells him that someone named Baron Tyme has been controlling Francine. Batman agrees to help him get to the bottom of the matter, but Man-Bat insists on curing his wife and taking Baron Tyme on his own.

Man-Bat tracks Tyme back to the tower room at Antioke University. Baron Tyme uses his sorcery to make tentacles grow from the tower walls. The tentacles wrap themselves around Man-Bat securing him in place. Tyme tells Langstrom how he summoned a demon who had promised him great power in exchange for human sacrifices. Francine was to be the instrument through which Tyme would satisfy the demon's needs. The Man-Bat emits a sonic shriek which catches Tyme unawares. He breaks free of the tentacles and begins grappling with the villain. As they fight, a brazier is knocked over and Baron Tyme catches on fire. The fire ignites the chemical compounds inside the tower room and the Man-Bat flies out the window as the entire chamber explodes. Presumably, Baron Tyme dies in the fire.



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