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This is the Manhunter disambiguation page.

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Manhunter is a name borne by several character over the years. The first was Paul Kirk, Manhunter (1941), who was given the subtitle "Manhunter", though it was never used as an alias. He was a private investigator without a costume or a secret identity. Dan Richards (March 1942), the second, was a cop-turned-crime fighter published by Quality Comics. The third Manhunter, originally called Rick Nelson but later renamed Paul Kirk (probably out of confusion), debuted in April 1942. After Quality Comics was taken over by DC, the two Manhunters met, and got in occasional arguments about their name.

The second Kirk Paul died in the 1940s, but was revived by a secret council in the seventies, who also cloned him. One of these clones was also named Paul Kirk, while another (supposedly the last one) became a hero under the name Kirk DePaul.

The Manhunters were robots created by the Guardians of the Universe until they were replaced by the Green Lantern Corps. The robots rebelled, and gained a cult of followers, the Manhunter Cult, led by the Highmaster. This cult would give rise to a new hero on Earth: Mark Shaw (1975). After being betrayed several times by the cult and the government, Shaw abandoned the title.

In the wake of Zero Hour, a new Manhunter arose: Chase Lawler (1994). His stay was short, and he was murdered by Shaw. The current Manhunter (Kate Spencer) is the district attorney of Gotham City. She fights crime in a Darkstar suit, operating with the DEO and the Birds of Prey.


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