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Manhunter Vol 1 18


Manhunter Vol 1 18

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""Recalled to Life"": Immediately after Mark Shaw's final encounter with Dumas, Mark rests outside the Cliff House before riding away on his motorcycle. Inside the house, Dumas' deceased body is encounter by a man named Carlos who calls Mr. Maison who arrives shortly there

Appearing in "Recalled to Life"

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  • Mark Shaw's Motorcyle
  • Maison's Helicopter

Synopsis for "Recalled to Life"

Immediately after Mark Shaw's final encounter with Dumas, Mark rests outside the Cliff House before riding away on his motorcycle. Inside the house, Dumas' deceased body is encounter by a man named Carlos who calls Mr. Maison who arrives shortly thereafter with his team (all of whom, including Maison, are ex-CIA). Carlos expects to have a warrant for his arrest squelched and his assets unfrozen for the favor but Maison shoots him instead. The ex-CIA team put Dumas' body in their helicopter then place explosives all throughout the house. They discover that a signal had been transmitted while they were there but dismiss it as likely a Tokyo Commodities Exchange transaction. After destroying Cliff House, the team fly to their headquarters somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. There a scientist named Rankin studies Dumas' body in hopes of finding a way to duplicate Dumas' powers. He succeeds in creating an experimental serum that Maison plans to use on himself in an effort to gain revenge on the CIA. No sooner do they test the serum when numerous ninja followers of Dumas attack and kill everyone but not before Maison is able to inject one of them with the serum.

Two months later the injected man assumes the role of Dumas and slays at least nine of his followers in a test of his powers and their loyalty. Unbeknownst to them, someone notifies Kazou Hasegawa of the events.

In the present Manhunter tracks down a criminal called "Grasshopper." This criminal, formerly non-powered, was affected by the Gene Bomb and granted superhuman strength in his legs giving him the powers to leap and kick in metal bars and doors. All his crimes have been within 7-blocks and have occurred at the same time of day making him easy for Manhunter to track. After a brief, one-sided battle Manhunter brings the Grasshopper to the New York Police Department where Sylvia informs him that his sister has called looking for him. There's an emergency and Manhunter races across town to his step-father's offices where the entire family has gathered as has Kazou who tells Mark that there is a new Dumas. After some histrionics from James, Kazou promises to take the entire family to Tokyo for safe keeping while Mark tracks down Dumas. In Tokyo Kazou brings the Shaw family, sans Mark, to his father's dwelling only to discover his father killed and Dumas present.


  • Saints and Sinners Part 1 of 6
  • Due to a retcon presented in Issue 13 of the third Manhunter series, Mark Shaw was purportedly brainwashed into having a second, hidden personality known as Dumas. It is unclear if there was ever a real Dumas, if Shaw always unknowingly acted as Dumas, and/or if "encounters" with Dumas were all imagined or hallucinated. Thus certain aspects of this story may not be considered canon.


  • According to captions in this issue, Issue #4 happened "several months ago." Due to 1) Dumas' transmitted signal likely causing a fairly immediate (not counting travel time) response by his followers and 2) the fact that Maison and his men are wearing the exact outfits at the time of their deaths as they were at the abduction, the abduction/research portion of the story appears to have occurred within the same calendar day. The next caption reads "two months later" when the new Dumas attacks his men. The Yakuza's examination of that scene (with bodies still present and not appearing to have any significant decomposition or odor based on the Yakuza's reactions) is captioned as happening "thirty-five hours ago" all of which puts Issue #4's events at around three months previous to "the present."

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