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Manhunter Vol 1 24


Manhunter Vol 1 24

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""The Long Goodbye: A Saints and Sinners Epilogue"": Mark Shaw wakes up on board the Southern Cross Salvage Corporation (SCSC) plane as they prepare to land in Tokyo. David and Gary offer Mark a partnership in charge of the New York office. Mark refuses due to his status as an international cr

Appearing in "The Long Goodbye: A Saints and Sinners Epilogue"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Ryu


Other Characters:


  • Manhunter's Temple



  • SCSC Airplane

Synopsis for "The Long Goodbye: A Saints and Sinners Epilogue"

Mark Shaw wakes up on board the Southern Cross Salvage Corporation (SCSC) plane as they prepare to land in Tokyo. David and Gary offer Mark a partnership in charge of the New York office. Mark refuses due to his status as an international criminal but David and Gary aren't concerned. As they land, however, the police surround the plane and take Mark into custody. David and Gary bring in their lawyer, Hughie Copeley, to defend Mark and, eventually, all charges are dropped when sufficient evidence to prove Mark's story is received. Ryu appears to settle his affairs with Mark. With Dumas' death, both Eiji and Kazou Hasegawa's deaths are avenged and Kazou has left swords to Mark in his will. Dumas' death also restores order to the Dai-Ichi Doku clan which Dumas had forcefully taken over and Ryu has become Oyabun. Mark's debts have been repaid and there are no further ties between the Shaw clan and the Yakuza. Mark goes to Kazou's grave to say good-bye. The SCSC have sent flowers to Tamaki, the girl unintentionally injured by Mark previously.

Mark flies home and is picked-up by Eleanor. Mark tries to distance himself from the family but they will have none of it and increase his welcome within it. Mark meets with Eliot and tells him he's been Manhunter as a way of winning Eliot's approval, but Eliot insists his love is unconditional. James tells Mark that Captain Cold is outside causing a ruckus and Mark, Lt. Best and reporter Howard Baxter-Foote all converge on the scene. Mark takes Captain Cold, who is drunk after losing a contract job, down easily and Baxter-Foote tries to get Cold to give him an exclusive. Best treats Mark very civilly and all but suggests he come to the station to see Sylvia Kandrey. Mark does and Sylvia reveals that she and Best had salvaged one of Mark's Manhunter masks from his apartment. Sylvia got it partially working. Mark uses the power baton to telepathically contact N'Lasa and tells him he has decided to try a normal life for now. He asks N'Lasa to take/hold the baton for him, which N'Lasa gladly does pledging his future service should Mark need him. Mark then kisses Sylvia, asks her to dinner and announces that he's taking the job at SCSC.


  • Saints and Sinners Epilogue
  • This is the final issue of the series.
  • Due to a retcon presented in Issue 13 of the third Manhunter series, Mark Shaw was purportedly brainwashed into having a second, hidden personality known as Dumas. It is unclear if there was ever a real Dumas, if Shaw always unknowingly acted as Dumas, and/or if "encounters" with Dumas were all imagined or hallucinated. Thus certain aspects of this story may not be considered canon.


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