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Manhunter Vol 3 20

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"Psychobabble Part One": A year has passed since the traumatic event in Lone Pine, California. Kate was so overwhelmed by the miscarriage that she chose not to work things out with Peter because she didn't want to risk the chance of endangering another life if she became pregnant again while mai

Quote1 I'm a full-fledged superhero. Cool. Quote2
-- Katherine Spencer

Appearing in "Psychobabble Part One"

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  • Kate Spencer's House



Synopsis for "Psychobabble Part One"

A year has passed since the traumatic event in Lone Pine, California. Kate was so overwhelmed by the miscarriage that she chose not to work things out with Peter because she didn't want to risk the chance of endangering another life if she became pregnant again while maintaining her life as the Manhunter. Peter thought this was selfish on her part because he really wanted to work things out with Kate and he was hoping to have another child with her after that night they shared. Kate's train of thought is interrupted when she sees her targets. Apparently, the DEO needs some "housekeeping" done and they believe Manhunter is well suited for the task. Punch and Jewelee were informants for the DEO until they went AWOL. The thieving duo broke their agreement with the DEO when they reverted back to their criminal enterprise of stealing priceless works of art. Kate surprises the duo on a rooftop as they made their escape from an art gallery. Kate knocks Punch off the rooftop and contends with Jewelee. Obsidian arrived on the scene and catches Punch with the rolled up tapestries in his shadow casting cape. Obsidian has Punch locked away in the Shadowlands and watches as Jewelee gets the upper hand on Kate. Jewelee is about to impale Kate with her bo staff but Kate activates her security protocol on the staff. The staff sends out a high voltage shock that knocks out Jewelee. Obsidian throws Punch's unconscious body at Jewelee's and hands Kate the tapestries. Kate thanks Todd for the assist and asks how he is coping with his sister's death. Kate remembers Damon mentioning that both him and Todd were getting intimate when a hologram of Alan Scott had generated in Todd's apartment to deliver the grim news. Kate calls Cameron to have the DEO pick up Punch and Jewelee but she interrupts Cameron while she was having sex with Dylan.

Peter and Ramsey watch as Peter's latest novel becomes a feature length film. Peter's former publicist Julie walks in to pick up Ramsey. Julie always had a crush on Peter ever since she came to work for him but she only acted on her feelings after Peter's traumatic experience in Lone Pine. The two of them married shortly after and now, Julie is expecting a baby girl. Julie drops off Ramsey at Kate's apartment where Kate is entertaining Director Bones in disguise. Bones introduces himself as Mr. Skellington to Ramsey and Julie.

Julie says goodbye and Kate tells Ramsey to go to his room for a second. Kate jokingly asks if Bones is able to have intimate relationships with his pseudo skin suit. Bones deflects Kate's remark and hands her a CD that has details on her first client for the DEO. Afterwards, Bones heads out and Ramsey asks his mom about her being Manhunter. Ramsey promises he hasn't told anyone what he found out at Lone Pine but he wonders why his mom doesn't have her own merchandise like Superman. Kate tells Ramsey that he shouldn't bring up the Manhunter business anymore and has him go to bed. Kate reviews the CD and gets a glimpse of the horrors during the Battle of Metropolis. The next day, she goes to the DEO headquarters to speak to her client who took part in the chaos that demolished Metropolis...Doctor Psycho.


  • This book was first published on March 22, 2006.
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