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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Jesús Saíz/Cover Artist, Marc Andreyko/Writer Javier Piña/Penciler, Fernando Blanco/Inker, Jason Wright/Colourist, Phil Balsman/Letterer, Rachel Gluckstern/Editor, Joan Hilty/Editor, Katherine Spencer (New Earth)/Appearances, Dylan Battles (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Bones (New Earth)/Appearances, Cameron Chase (New Earth)/Appearances, Damon Matthews (New Earth)/Appearances, Mark Shaw (New Earth)/Appearances, Julie Robinson (New Earth)/Appearances, Peter Robinson (New Earth)/Appearances, Violet Robinson (New Earth)/Appearances, Ramsey Robinson (New Earth)/Appearances, Edgar Cizko (New Earth)/Appearances, Sweeney Todd (New Earth)/Appearances, Secret Society of Super-Villains (Villains United)/Appearances, Talia al Ghul (New Earth)/Appearances, Los Angeles/Appearances, Comics, 2006, 2006, September, 2006, July (Publication), Manhunter Vol 3, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

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Manhunter Vol 3 24

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"Psychobabble Part Five: Can't Get You Outta My Head": Kate pays Ramsey a visit at Peter's home and sees Julie with her new baby girl Violet. Kate brings Violet a stuffed bear that resembles Supergirl. Her visit is cut short when Damon calls her that the verdict is in for Dr. Psycho's conviction

Appearing in "Psychobabble Part Five: Can't Get You Outta My Head"

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Other Characters:

  • Officer Scarboro (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Psychobabble Part Five: Can't Get You Outta My Head"

Kate pays Ramsey a visit at Peter's home and sees Julie with her new baby girl Violet. Kate brings Violet a stuffed bear that resembles Supergirl. Her visit is cut short when Damon calls her that the verdict is in for Dr. Psycho's conviction. Kate enters courtroom 4-C and notices Cisko is breathing heavily and feeling nervous about the verdict. Just as the verdict was about to be read, the Secret Society remotely unlocks the neural barriers that were inhibiting Cisko’s telepathic abilities. Cisko uses his telepathy to cause everyone in the courtroom to hallucinate. The courtroom security calls in the DEO while Dr. Psycho taunts Kate.

As Cisko had his fun, he reads Kate's mind and learns that she is the Manhunter. He sees Kate going for her briefcase which contains her suit. Cisko telepathically forces Kate to strip slowly and to put on her Manhunter costume in front of everyone. As the DEO gathered outside to prepare a full scale incursion on the courthouse, Cisko forces Kate to kiss him. Cisko loses his concentration from the pleasure he was feeling and Kate bites Cisko’s tongue. Cisko screams from the pain and retaliates by forcing everyone in the courtroom to attack Kate. Kate manages to subdue everyone and tackles Cisko.

With Cisko pinned to the floor, Kate contemplates on whether or not she should kill him for all the depravity she suffered. The DEO arrive and order the Manhunter to stand down. Ultimately, Kate tasers Psycho in the head with her bo staff which causes him to go into a vegetative state. As the DEO escorted Cisko, Kate picks up the verdict sheet from the floor and feels pride because the verdict was "not guilty". Director Bones calls Kate as she was bathing in order to congratulate her on her victory because now every super-villain will want Kate to represent them and that will mean crucial intel being shared with the DEO. As for the Secret Society, Talia points out that the Manhunter has neutralized Dr. Psycho which is fortunate for Cisko because he will no longer be considered a dangerous liability.

Meanwhile, Mark Shaw leaves a note for Dylan. Shaw has been experiencing blackouts and headaches for a while. Mark suspects that he may be recessing back to his more disturbing habits as Dumas. Shaw doesn't want to be a danger to Dylan or Kate so he chooses to leave. Shaw hears Dylan and Cameron laughing from an adjacent room. The two of them were looking at high school year books when Kate and Cameron were seniors. Dylan excuses himself to get some beers and Cameron gets a call. Dylan finds Shaw's cryptic goodbye note and Cameron makes an abrupt exit. Cameron was called in to oversee a body that arrived at the coroner's office.

The medical examiner says that the blade used to murder the victim doesn't match any knife pattern in their database. This victim is one of many women who have had their pituitary glands removed. The other contributing factor that connects these women is that they are all metahumans. Cameron speculates that this Sweeney Todd killer is targeting women who are reaching the cusp of their metahuman adulthood and is taking their glands for the growth hormones which are produced by pituitary enzymes. Its possible that this killer is eating the glands to sustain himself rather than keeping them as trophies.


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