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"Forgotten, Part One": Kate starts to recollect everything that has happened to her in such a short time. Her whole life changed when she raided a federal evidence lockup and acquired a vast amount of confiscated weaponry in order to dispense justice. Kate snaps out of her recollection when she

Appearing in "Forgotten, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jerry
  • Golden St. John (Only appearance; dies)
  • Rochell Brotson (First appearance)
  • Tandy Dartt (First appearance)
  • Marta (First appearance)




Synopsis for "Forgotten, Part One"

Kate starts to recollect everything that has happened to her in such a short time. Her whole life changed when she raided a federal evidence lockup and acquired a vast amount of confiscated weaponry in order to dispense justice. Kate snaps out of her recollection when she gets a message from Director Bones. The Atomic Skull is making his way to the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Some movie mogul had the bright idea of revamping the sci-fi/ horror franchise by creating a movie called "The Atomic Skull Returns". The actual Atomic Skull is under the delusion that the lead actress of the movie is his long lost love Eleanor Hart. Kate takes her position since the Atomic Skull hasn't shown up yet. Film commentator Golden St. John approaches Rochelle Brotson, a publicist to the stars. Golden asks Rochelle about her success in finding fresh new stars for the movie but before Rochelle could answer, Golden is vaporized in the spot. Kate notices a panic in the crowd with Rochelle covered in blood. Kate engages the Atomic Skull who is in crazed pursuit to find his love Eleanor. Atomic Skull spots Tandy Dartt putting her hands in the cement in order to solidify her stardom. Kate uses her agility and heat resistant gauntlets to sucker punch the Atomic Skull into submission while keeping her distance.

The next day, Ramsey watches his mother's latest feat of heroics on TiVo until Kate tells him to get ready for his great grandma Sandra Knight. Kate hears the doorbell and opens the door but finds Iron Munroe waiting by the door. Munroe starts off by saying to Kate that she shouldn't feel any anger towards Sandra by having Iron come to Kate's home. Munroe wants to make up for his short comings as a father to Walter Pratt and a grandfather to her. Kate tells Munroe that she isn't interested in what Munroe has to say or what he wants. Kate knows how Munroe abandoned Sandra when she was pregnant with Walter and how he gave up on finding his missing sons. Ramsey comes to the door and Munroe introduces himself as Ramsey's great grandpa. Ramsey is happy to meet him and heads to car where his great grandma Sandra is waiting. Kate tells Munroe that if he wants to be a meaningful figure in her son's life then that's between him and Ramsey but she wants nothing to do with him. Munroe accepts Kate's decision and thanks her for the opportunity to make amends by being there for his great grandson. Kate closes the door and cries out of shame for not allowing Munroe to make peace with her.

Meanwhile in El Paso, Vesetech Industries is constantly bombard by a demonstration of workers who are on strike and they constantly harass the illegal labor force that has taken their jobs. A worker named Marta missed her bus that would take her home. She attempts to call her mother but her cell phone gets bad reception. All of a sudden, her cell phone is shot into a million pieces. A second shot hits Marta's left leg and Marta begins to limp away in pain. She then hears footsteps coming towards her direction. Marta turns around and she screams in terror.

Marta's cousin Jerry is Kate's new clerk. Jerry apologizes to Kate for his lack of concentration because his whole family is in an uproar over Marta's disappearance. Jerry tells Kate that the Monsters of Juarez might be responsible for what happened to Marta. Jerry talks about the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez and how its open game for all sorts of depravity and violence. Kate expresses her sincerest concerns for Jerry and his family. Kate decides to take an interest in Ciudad Juarez and how the Manhunter can help. Kate reads up on 400 unsolved femicides throughout the last decade in Juarez. Most of the victims worked in sweat shops but the international human rights agencies have conducted indifferent investigations with minimal success. Due to the lax environmental regulations and low tariffs under NAFTA, the sweat shops in Juarez continue to reap the success off of others and offer no protection for their workforce.

Kate calls Director Bones on any intel that he may have on Juarez. Bones tells Kate to leave the matter alone due to confidential activities that are under way. Kate ignores Bones and calls Obsidian. Obsidian gives Kate a lift to the Mexican border with a JSA helicopter. Unfortunately, the copter is spotted by Mexican aerial authorities. Kate jumps from the copter and tells Obsidian to head back to the states while saying nothing about her stay in Juarez. Kate uses her Manhunter tech to observe the terrain and finds a severed hand nearby. All of a sudden, she is taken by surprise by the Blue Beetle.


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