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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Scott McDaniel/Cover Artist, Marc Andreyko/Writer Michael Gaydos/Penciler, Brad Walker/Penciler, Michael Gaydos/Inker, John Livesay/Inker, José Villarrubia/Colourist, Travis Lanham/Letterer, Mark Doyle/Editor, Joan Hilty/Editor, Katherine Spencer (New Earth)/Appearances, Birds of Prey (New Earth)/Appearances, Helena Bertinelli (New Earth)/Appearances, Zinda Blake (New Earth)/Appearances, Suicide Squad (New Earth)/Appearances, Benjamin Turner (New Earth)/Appearances, Owen Mercer (New Earth)/Appearances, Werner Vertigo (New Earth)/Appearances, Danton Black (New Earth)/Appearances, Bette Sans Souci (New Earth)/Appearances, Dylan Battles (New Earth)/Appearances, Damon Matthews (New Earth)/Appearances, Sandra Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Arnold Munro (New Earth)/Appearances, Todd Rice (New Earth)/Appearances, Mark Shaw (New Earth)/Appearances, Ramsey Robinson (New Earth)/Appearances, Anica Balcescu (New Earth)/Appearances, Thor the Thunder Dog (New Earth)/Appearances, Santa Barbara/Appearances, El Paso/Appearances, Vesetech/Appearances, Ciudad Juárez/Appearances, Comics, 2008, 2008, November, 2008, September (Publication), Manhunter Vol 3, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Manhunter Vol 3 34


Manhunter Vol 3 34

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"Forgotten, Part Four": Kate takes on Multiplex first. She has a personal vendetta against him because a few years ago, she was going to have him roll over on a few of his criminal affiliates. Unfortunately, it wasn't the original Multiplex that she had in custody. It was one of his duplicates a

Appearing in "Forgotten, Part Four"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Thor
  • Vincent Diaz
  • Senator Barry Wilson (First appearance)
  • Senator Holden Donaldson (First appearance)
  • Pilar (First appearance)
  • Teresa (First appearance)




Synopsis for "Forgotten, Part Four"

Kate takes on Multiplex first. She has a personal vendetta against him because a few years ago, she was going to have him roll over on a few of his criminal affiliates. Unfortunately, it wasn't the original Multiplex that she had in custody. It was one of his duplicates and during his arraignment, the duplicate vanished which shattered her case. Kate kills as many duplicates as she can but Multiplex causes her to exhaust her energies and Vertigo delivers another debilitating wave to take her down. Anica tells Mutliplex and Owen Mercer to take Kate as far away from the facility as possible then eliminate her in a clean fashion because the Crime Doctor intends to harvest Kate's organs later. Anica returns to her laboratory where her latest victims Pilar and Teresa await their fate.

Multiplex and his duplicate restrain Kate while Owen taunts Kate with her bo staff. Kate activates the blinding light feature on her bo staff remotely from her gauntlet. Kate's captors are stunned with pain and she makes her getaway. After wandering the desert, Kate is eventually met by Lady Blackhawk and Huntress. Lady Blackhawk and Huntress explain to Kate that they need to take her back to LA. It turns out the Suicide Squad are only pretending to work for Vesetech as paid mercenaries. The government publicly suspended Task Force X and had them infiltrate Vesetech's think tank in El Paso. Task Force X has been learning for the last 8 months about who knows of Vesetech's secret operations and who's been financing them. However, Kate's recent activities will make Vesetech more suspicious and protective about their operations in El Paso. Kate plays along by having Bronze Tiger hit her in the jaw and tears off a piece of her Manhunter garb. She spits blood onto the torn piece and gives it to Vertigo in order to restore the Suicide Squad's credibility.

Meanwhile, Dylan starts packing all of his stuff because his location has been compromised. Dylan disposes of Jimmy's head and the package it came in by dropping it in a vat of acid. All of a sudden, Dylan is struck from behind. Linda's father wants revenge for Dylan's indirect involvement for his daughter's and grandson's death. Dylan reaches for a cross bow and tells Linda's father to stand down or he will shoot. Later on, Mark Shaw arrives to find Linda's father alive but pinned to the wall with a net.

In Santa Barbara, Ramsey asks his great-grandparents if he is a superhero. Munroe and Sandra can't deny that Ramsey is a metahuman. They try to explain their complicated history to Ramsey and his connection to the metahuman genome. Iron Munroe and Sandra Knight met in the All-Star Squadron. They fought Nazis side by side until they got married. When Sandra became pregnant with her first child, Baron Blitzkrieg kidnapped her and stole her newborn son. When Sandra was pregnant with Ramsey's grandfather Walter Pratt, both Sandra and Munroe had separated by that time. Sandra felt it was in Walt's best interest that he'd be put up for adoption so that none of Sandra's or Munroe's foes would know of Walt's existence. Ramsey understood and asked Munroe if Thor was fully functional to be his dog again.


Brad Walker and John Livesay were only responsible for a 1-page flashback scene.


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