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Manhunter Vol 3 38

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"Family Business": The next morning, Kate takes a shower with her boyfriend Matt and has sex while Ramsey gets an early awakening from his boyfriend Justin along with the Rice siblings. As for Dylan, he gets a call from Cameron. Cameron is on assignment on the other side of the world for the DEO

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Synopsis for "Family Business"

The next morning, Kate takes a shower with her boyfriend Matt and has sex while Ramsey gets an early awakening from his boyfriend Justin along with the Rice siblings. As for Dylan, he gets a call from Cameron. Cameron is on assignment on the other side of the world for the DEO. Dylan asks Cameron if she is going to make it to Ramsey's graduation. Cameron isn't sure that she wants to because she doesn't want to get into an argument with Dylan in person and ruin Ramsey's big day. Cameron asks Dylan if he has told everyone about "their situation". Dylan admits that he hasn't found the right moment to talk about it with the others. Cameron gets upset because six months have already passed since they last talked about it. Its possible that Cameron may have decided to abort her first child with Dylan but never told him and now she is having another baby with him even though they aren't together.

Dylan cuts off Cameron and tells her that he needs to go because he hears someone knocking at his door. Dylan answers the door and its Kate waiting for him. Kate asks Dylan if he could make a special graduation gift for Ramsey. A few days past until Ramsey's graduation day finally arrives. Kate gets to graduation late but she sees Ramsey accept his diploma. After the graduation, Kate takes a look around the USC campus and remembers her days at the college when she was pregnant with Ramsey while trying to pass the bar exam. Ramsey's stepmother Julie hugs Ramsey and says that his father Peter would have been so proud to see him graduate today thus implying that Peter is no longer alive. Kate takes a photo with Ramsey and tries to tell him that she has something for him that Dylan made. Ramsey blows her off because he thought that she wanted to start another argument about his choice to become a superhero.

Sweeney tries to maintain control over Director Bones' body but Bones is determined to be free. Sweeney and Nellie Lovett kidnap a FedEx driver and take his FedEx truck for a joyride. As Sweeney drives by Ramsey's "after graduation" party, he senses all the metahumans that are nearby. Sweeney slices the driver's throat and heads straight into the party. Iron Munroe takes on Sweeney while Kate suits up. Nellie Lovett goes after Dylan but Sandra Knight knocks Nellie against the side of the head with a sterling silver dinner tray. Kate defends Sandra with her bo staff while Justin becomes huge. Justin grabs Nellie Lovett and Obsidian uses his dark matter abilities to trap Ms. Lovett in the Shadowlands.

Ramsey goes to Munroe's aid and Bones tries to reach out to Ramsey through Sweeney. Sweeney cuts Ramsey's invulnerable skin but Cameron saves Ramsey when she uses her disorientation abilities to trip up Sweeney. With Sweeney unbalanced, both Kate and Ramsey upper cut Sweeney. Sweeney goes flying and right into Obsidian's direction. Obsidian uses his darkforce ability to separate Sweeney Todd from Director Bones and banishes Sweeney to the Shadowlands. Obsidian tells Ramsey that he will take Sweeney Todd's blade and Nellie Lovett to STAR Labs where they will be kept in containment units. Kate finally gets a moment to herself with Ramsey and gives him is graduation present. Dylan made a Manhunter suit similar to Kate's but its fitted for Ramsey. Ramsey hugs his mom and agrees to train with her.


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