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Manhunter Vol 3 6


Manhunter Vol 3 6

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"Trial By Fire": Kate prepares for her trial against Shadow-Thief and has to deal with the repercussions of Ramsey's injuries. Meanwhile, the JLA are served notice and the [[Secret Society of

Appearing in "Trial By Fire"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Vincent Diaz (First appearance)
  • Joshua Logan (First appearance)
  • Leslie Carter
  • Michael Johnson (First appearance)
  • The Riddler (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for "Trial By Fire"

Kate prepares for her trial against Shadow-Thief and has to deal with the repercussions of Ramsey's injuries. Meanwhile, the JLA are served notice and the Society sends Shrapnel to silence Shadow-Thief. Overall Synopsis: Both Kate Spencer and Copperhead's attorney Leslie Carter appear on News Night with Vincent Diaz. Kate talks about the upcoming trial for Shadow-Thief and his involvement with the murder of Firestorm. After the show, Diaz's assistant tells Kate that she has a call on hold. Kate picks up the line and the voice whispers the name Sassafrass. Kate demands to know how the voice knows about her dead cat. The voice replies how he and Kate picked out Sassafrass at the pound. Kate angrily tells the voice that her father is dead and hangs up. Kate suddenly has a flashback of her father getting into a drunken fit and beating her mother. She then remembers how her father killed her mother with the broken end of a beer bottle and was later arrested.

When Kate heads to the office, she can't help but think about her father being sentenced for life for the murder of her mother. Damon Matthews goes over Carl's priors and how his contact within the DEO is digging up anything on Shadow-Thief. Damon snaps Kate out of her mindset and reacts by sending her other paralegal Michael Johnson to the Justice League Watchtower. Johnson serves Batman and Hawkman with papers to appear in court on behalf of the prosecution for the United States v Carl Sands. Kate then calls Peter in order to check up on Ramsey. Peter has decided to not go ahead with his threat to file for full custody because Ramsey doesn't want to be separated from his mother. Ramsey tells his mom over the phone to quit smoking and Kate throws her pack of cigarettes into the trash.

The Calculator observed the live show with Kate Spencer and decides something must be done about Kate Spencer or Shadow-Thief before he divulges any crucial information about the Secret Society. The Calculator sends Shrapnel to LA in order to draw out Kate Spencer. Kate dons her Manhunter suit and takes on Shrapnel. Kate uses the energy discharging feature on her bo staff. The discharge of energy causes Shrapnel to melt right onto the street. The experience doesn't kill him but he is completely immobilized. Calculator observed Shrapnel's failure from afar and calls in another operative that can eliminate Shadow-Thief and Spencer.


  • This book was first published on January 19, 2005.
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