Manuel Castillo was the son of David Castillo, the sheriff of Swainsville, New Mexico.

Confused by the recent presumed death of the Flash and his cousin Geraldo's arrest for impersonating the speedster, Manuel asked his father if there should be a new Flash. Misinterpreting the answer as authorization to become a hero himself, he and his friends snuck out that night and began operating as the "Flash Patrol", scouring Swainsville for signs of crime. They pondered breaking Geraldo out of jail, but were frightened off by his antics at them through the window. They then went to a nearby cave, hoping to use it as their "headquarters", but they triggered a cave-in while exploring. Their disappearance was blamed on the Porcupine Man monster, a local legend, resulting in a mob of angry parents, as well as the local government hiring Captain Cold and Golden Glider to search for them and defeat the monster.[1] They were later saved by the Flash.[2]

  • Manuel is bilingual, speaking a foreign language at home with his parents and English with his friends.