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Marcia Hargis, alias Shock Treatment hails from the town of Far Castle, Pennsylvania. She is a Metahuman with electricity based powers and flight. She is a member of the Hellenders a group of Demon hunting heroes led by a mysterious man Nathaniel. She works as Nathaniel's personal advisor and bodyguard. The team job is to destroy supernatural creatures such as Demons, Vampires and Werewolves.


  • Electrokinesis: Shock Treatment has the ability to absorb, generate and project volumes of electrical energy of an extremely high voltage. She also has the ability to transform into living energy. In that form she can transmit herself through powerlines.
  • Electromagnetism: As an application of Electrokinesis, Shock Treatment can also generate an electro-magnetic field.
  • Flight: She is able to propel herself through the air.


  • Vulnerability to Water: Her stored electricity will short circuit and at least partially dissipate if she gets wet.





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