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Marco Mardon was the uninspired of two brothers. He never dreamed of owning a big estate or of being a cartel leader like his brother.[1] Marco was born into a rich family. When his father died, his brother Claudio started operating the cartel business. Claudio secretly arranged for a treaty with the competing cartel by offering them a large sum of territory. However, as Marco was called in to assist his brother, Claudio was murdered and his body taken. The evidence of a ransom note and the blood splattering indicated a murder even though with police officially stated it was a kidnapping. Patty Spivot began investigating Marco for Claudio's murder as a personal vendetta.[2]

Marco later discovered that the murder of Claudio was orchestrated by Claudio's wife, Elsa.


  • Weather Manipulation Marco Mardon can manipulate the weather in a variety of ways, preferably in the form of lightning blasts.[3]
    • Electro-Blast Marco is able to harness the weather in order to create lightning blasts from the electrical storms he creates.[4]

Marco Mardon's history of a mysterious murder with is brother continues with the Prime Earth counterpart.



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