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Margaret Sorrow was the Magpie, a talented thief and enemy of Batman.

Afflicted with kleptomania, she was caught and sentenced to ten years in Blackgate Penitentiary. She was able to reduce her sentence to two years when she volunteered for an experiment aimed at removing criminal tendencies from the subjects' minds. The experiment seemed to work and Maggie's kleptomania was gone, but in reality, she developed a secondary personality.

Deemed a success, she was given a new name, new face, and a new chance at life. Now calling herself "Cassie", Maggie got a job as a receptionist for Bethanie Ravencroft, the psychologist that had performed the experiment on her.

However, she could not suppress her true nature, and soon turned to stealing. This caused her to cross paths with Gotham City's protector, Batman, on multiple occasions.





  • Claws: Magpie can extend her nails into a set of strong sharp claws. The claws can also secrete curare at will, poisoning her opponents.



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