Isobel was recruited by Duchess Gertrude to find the stones. Isobel went to a tent with a mystic, and saw a Kryptonian in the globe, who told her that if she got the stones they could rule together. She walked out thinking she herself could rule Earth one day. Madelyn Hibbins and Brianna Withridge were the Countess' comrades, and they helped Isobel search for the Stones of Power. They were captured by the townspeople and were sentenced to burn at the stake for practicing witchcraft. Isobel lost her spell book and was brought to the courtyard to be burned along with Madelyn and Brianna. Before she was burned, Isobel spat blood which intertwined with the book's symbol and added a word giving her a chance of resurrection. The Mark of Transference appeared on her skin, which would enable her to possess Lana Lang's body. As the Countess and her companions burned, she prophesied that her heir would awaken her, and that she would find the stones and have vengeance.

Centuries later, Isobel's tomb was placed in a church in Paris by the grandmother of Genevieve Teague, who used her son to orchestrate a visit by Lana to the tomb. When Lana did a rubbing of the Countess' tomb, she was blasted with a beam of light that branded her with the Mark of Transference. She woke up twelve hours later in her bedroom with no memory of what happened. This drove her to return to Smallville when she saw the symbol in the Kawatche Caves in some online pictures. She hoped that by returning home, she could learn more about the Mark and the Countess. Jason Teague soon followed. Lana became possessed by the Countess Thoreaux. Isobel made a potion to restore the spirits of her followers. Brianna's spirit was transferred into the body of Lois Lane and Madelyn's into Chloe Sullivan. She then stole the hidden map in the Russian Manuscript at the Luthor Mansion and placed a spell on Lex Luthor to play the piano indefinitely. Isobel and her comrades infiltrated a party thrown by Clark Kent and bewitched everyone, including Clark, to start losing their inhibitions, and for all the boys to take their shirts off and dance in their boxer shorts. The next morning, having regained consciousness and learnt what had happened to Lex, Clark confronted Isobel just as she had reacquired her old spell book from Jason, forcing him to rescue Jason while she escaped, leaving him a message to meet in the barn at midnight.

In the subsequent confrontation, Clark's invulnerability and heat vision allowed him to withstand the witches' initial attacks (although they assumed that he was a sorceror rather than an alien), but they nevertheless managed to get the upper hand, stripping Clark of his powers and leaving to open the hidden chamber in the Kawatche Caves after realizing that he knew where one of the stones was hidden. When Clark arrived to stop them, having been released by Jason, Isobel grabbed the Crystal of Fire, only to scream out in pain as the stone protected itself from her. Clark grabbed the stone, which restored his powers. Although Isobel threatened to remove his powers again, he swiftly destroyed the spell book with his heat vision, causing Lana, Chloe, and Lois to revert back to normal.

Isobel emerged once again after Lana was tortured by Chinese officers. She broke free from the Chinese officers and revealed that the map is the key to one of the Crystals of Knowledge. Isobel knocked Clark out and went to the location of the Crystal. Isobel unearthed a horse statue holding the stone. When she broke it, it gave off the piercing buzz to Clark; he followed its origin which led him to Isobel and the Crystal. Isobel fought Clark with magically-powered Chinese weapons. She wounded Clark, who put up a fight against the magically-skilled Isobel. Clark managed to defeat her and get the stone away from her but when Isobel touched the stone together with Clark, there was an explosion. The effects of the explosion seemed to send Isobel back into hiatus, and the stone disappeared.

Isobel resurfaced for the last time when Lana was being strangled by Genevieve Teague, and used the Air Stone to stab Genevieve in the heart. Once Isobel had extracted her revenge on Genevieve, she freed herself from Lana and the Mark of Transference was removed.




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