Mari Jiwe McCabe is Vixen, a Zambesian superheroine and founding member of the Justice League International.


When Mari was just little girl her mother died trying to protect her people. Her father, Richard Jiwe, attempted to pass the Tantu Totem on to her. Her corrupt uncle Mustapha Maksai came to claim it. Her father refused, which lead to a fire fight. Mari was forced to flee with the totem.[1]

Once Mari reached adulthood she had risen from a street orphan to a top tier fashion designer, model, reality show star and animal activist. During an interview on Angela Chen's talk show she learned that the mother of Charlotte, a child from her outreach program, had gone missing. She decided use the powers of the Tantu Totem find Charlotte's mother, and she did. She also found several other people trapped in cages, and their jailer, Spiderbite. Using the totem's Mari was able to defeat Spiderbite and reunite Charlotte with mother. After this event Mari decided to dedicate her life to be the super hero Vixen.[1]

Justice League of America

Vixen was approached by Batman who wished to recruit her as a member for the Justice League of America II.[2]





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