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Maritza Blackbird was an exceptional individual. Coming from a wealthy background, she developed a desire to be alone as much as possible, and joined the army, joining the special forces. Codenamed Pilgrim, she was the only woman to be a member of America's elite Special Operations Group, a trained sniper and "Rabid Mole" reconnaissance expert. Her obvious talent for this work got her added to the unit sent to retrieve some "biological units" which turned out to be symbiotes which bonded with them. Since then she has been a member of Wetworks, fighting the Night Tribes - although Pilgrim has since found out she belongs to one of the Night Tribes herself, specifically the Were Nation.


  • Golden Symbiote: Like all members of Wetworks, Pilgrim is bonded to a symbiote which normally hides inside her, but can flow out to coat her skin with a golden armour.
  • Telepathic Link: She has a telepathic link with the other symbiote wearers, the rest of Wetworks.
  • Lycanthropy: Maritza is also a member of the Were Nation.






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