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Mark Desmond worked in the secret underground labs at Project Cadmus creating and cloning genomorphs. His crowning accomplishment was that of the Super Boy, a clone of Superman. When Dubbilex orchestrated a fire that attracted the attention of the proteges of the Justice League, Desmond took the Blockbuster serum to defeat Aqualad, Kid Flash, Robin and the rogue Superboy. Robin and his team took out the building's support beams, bringing it down on Blockbuster's head. The Justice League appeared and Superman assisted Green Lantern in taking Blockbuster to the appropriate authorities.[1]


  • Superhuman Strength: As Blockbuster, Desmond was strong enough to take on super-powered enemies.
  • Superhuman Durability: As Blockbuster, Desmond was durable enough to survive a building collapsing directly on him.


  • Science: As a human, Desmond was a skilled scientist.




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