Mark Sunderland was a wealthy man, who suffered a reversal of fortunes when he was discovered to have been committing a Ponzi scheme; misappropriating billions of dollars. Sunderland then immediately disappeared from the public. At some point, Sunderland made a deal with Flashpoint and had developed a method of controlling people to follow his orders. However, the process caused his face to be scarred and deformed. Angered, Sunderland became homeless and began calling himself Miasma. With his powers, he led an underground homeless society based in New York City.

He later encountered Magog and after fighting him was briefly able to control his mind. However he was captured by members of Flashpoint. Later he and Magog escape the facility together, but they end up in a realm known as Albion, due to a woman named Alba who claimed to be Magog's mother. Magog eventually asked to leave this place but Miasma was left here as a prisoner.


Miasma has the ability to control people by breathing out airborne nanites that can control people once entering their breathing passage and overriding their nervous system.