Martha Kent and her husband Johnathan were Kansas farmers. They discovered an alien space ship that had crashed off the side of the road. They found inside a young boy. The boy was Kal-El, the last son of Krypton. They took the boy in and gave him the name Clark Kent.

When Clark started to develop his super hearing and X-Ray vision, she was called into the school and sat outside the closet where the young Kryptonian was hiding. She helped him take control of his powers and calmed him down. Jonathan and Martha met with parents of one of the children who had witnessed Clark push the bus out of the water and was concered that they wanted to exploit his gift.

Martha was present while Clark and Jonathan argued in the truck prior to the tornado taking Jonathan's life. Both Clark and Martha stood and watched as the storm carried Jonathan away.

Years later, when Clark came back from searching the globe for the answers he was seeking about his past, she greeted her son with a hug. They both watched as Zod gave his message to the world about delivering Kal-El to them. Later, as Zod threatened Martha on the farm, Clark flew in and attacked Zod and took him across town.