Quote1 You stop this foolishness! Eight lashings for each of you! Quote2
-- Martha Wayne src

Martha Wayne, the mother of Thomas Wayne, Jr. and Bruce Wayne, was very abusive towards her children. Neglecting them constantly, Martha only saw her boys as "brats".

Tired of his mother's evil nature and her extravagant spending methods, Junior conspired with his brother Bruce to kill their parents in an alleyway. Junior, pointing the gun he obtained at his parents, blamed them for wasting all of the money that was supposed to go to the children.

The plan goes awry, though, when Bruce backs out and begs his older brother not to kill their parents. The two children get in a scuffle with Junior dropping his weapon. All the while Martha continues to scream at her children, threatening to lash them when they are done. Martha fails to notice their butler Alfred Pennyworth enter the alley, pull his own gun on them, and kill both the parents, on Junior's orders of course.[1]