"The Land that Never Was": A bandit gang led by Zakka Jorl is raiding the tiny island kingdom of Etan. In desperation, the king of Etan, Khan Lamma, sends a letter to the Marvel Family. Billy Batson opens all mail for the Marvel Family, and after reading it calls Mary and Freddy. They transform

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A bandit gang led by Zakka Jorl is raiding the tiny island kingdom of Etan. In desperation, the king of Etan, Khan Lamma, sends a letter to the Marvel Family. Billy Batson opens all mail for the Marvel Family, and after reading it calls Mary and Freddy. They transform into the Marvel Family and fly to Etna, which they see is half fertile land and half mountains. They plan to inquire at a small native village, but find the bandits there are planning on looting the treasury. The Marvels easily defeat them, but Zakka fires an incendiary bullet at a thatched roof, catching it on fire. While working as a fire brigade using the well Zakka escapes into the mountains. The Marvels feel it will take too long trying to find him, so go to Khan Lamma and reveal their problem. Lamma says this is always a problem, half his land is flat, and half is mountainous. For years Zakka Jorl has raided his land and escaped into the mountains. Marvel finds they have looted another village and flies after them. A villager tells him the gang is heading for the Poison Sea, which Cap knows is between them and the mountains. However he cannot find them and realises they must have had a boat waiting, and due to the thick overhanging sea mist they escape to the foot of the mountains, Cap unable to see them. He sits on a rock and tries to think of a different way, and when Jr. and Mary Marvel find him he is laughing.

He asks Lamma if the Poison Sea is of any use, and is told its waters are poisonous and useless. Lamma would not mind if the mountains were gone, as only the bandits live there and his crowded people would have more room to live in. Cap then proposes they move the mountains into the Poison Sea. The Marvel Family first placed the biggest mountain into the sea, and Jr. says he will spread out the water and irrigate the surrounding desert sands. Chemical treatment can easily destroy the Poison and make the sand fertile according to him. The bandits are forced to flee deeper into the mountains, but soon the last mountain is uprooted. For some reason, the Marvels seemed more preoccupied with moving the last mountains then capturing the bandits who are in clear sight. Soon the whole of Etan is flat land.

Jr. finds a gold vein that will make the people wealthy. They go after the galloping horses, but find the bandits left their horses. They think the gold will soon attract the bandits and turn back to the Kids. They watch for the bandits on all sides, but attack comes from above, with the bandits leaping from the trees and knocking the Kids out. The moving of the mountains revealed hot underground springs, and Zakka orders his men to toss the Kids, who have been bound hand and foot and had their mouths gagged, in. If the heat does not kill them they will drown. Billy twists and removes his gag on a jagged rock, enabling him to transform. He removes the gags of the other two and flies them out of the waters, enabling them to transform. They catch the bandits, who did not get far carrying those heavy bags of gold, and take them to Khan Lamma's prison. Khan Lamama knows they do not accept gold or pay, so there is only one way he can show gratitude, by naming the new land Marvel Province.

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Synopsis for "The Man who collected Hate"

Someone calls Mr Patterson to wake him up and annoy him, who sends a letter to him of hatred at Box 1034. He has already tried putting glue in people's heads, and sending dead fish to people. He then tries to paint the house of people on holiday black, and when Mary Marvel sees someone has broken in due to the light being on and tries to stop him, he blinds her with black paint and escapes. He causes trouble around the area, putting a skunk in a new car, poisoning a dog, and chopping a tree down, leaving notes telling people to send hate letters to Box 1034. Mary Marvel tries to find him by waiting at Box 1034, oddly enough the police have not got the idea, but turns to Mary Batson so he will not stay away. When the Hate-Collector sees her watching for him, he gags her by stuffing a letter into her mouth, then kidnaps her, holding his hand over her mouth and holding her hands so she cannot remove the letter, saying people will think she's his daughter who got sick. At his house he binds and gags her, then reveals his biggest plot. He will pretend that seismographs show that an earthquake will destroy the city and it must be evacuated. From his plane he plans to drop the leaflets ordering evacuation of the town, and throws out Mary too. Mary twists about and hooks her gag on an ariel, transforms, and gives the hate of Mary Marvel to the Hate-Collector by hitting him. He is then jailed, and apparently hates it.


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