Mary Beth Love was the sister of Angel Love who was raped by their father when she was a child. Ashamed of telling anybody what had happened, Mary Beth left home and eventually adopted the identity of Maureen McMeal. The next time Angel Love saw her sister was on a commercial for her political campaign. At the time, Angel was seeking her sister as a possible bone marrow donor for their mother, so she tried to get in touch with her through the campaign office, but with no success. Even in a public face-to-face with her at the restaurant she worked at, Angel couldn't get Mary Beth to recognize her. Ultimately, Angel invaded her apartment and blackmailed her into helping out their mother or else she will go to the press and reveal the truth about Maureen McMeal, though promising she will never mention about their father. Though the two sisters tried to keep things secret, a news leak somehow managed to get out about Maureen's true past, and after walking out of the hospital, she was flooded with reporters trying to get the scoop on her. Ultimately the leak cost Mary Beth her candidacy, and she ended up telling Angel that she is going to leave their family life forever.