Mary Bromfield is Lady Shazam, she is a member of the Shazam Family and part of the Vasquez foster family alongside Shazam.

Early Life

When Mary Bromfield was young her parents died under unknown circumstances she was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Vasquez, who were themselves foster children. Eventually other children joined the family including Darla Dudley, Freddy Freeman, Eugene Choi and Pedro Peña. On one occasion Mary rescued a rabbit from a pet store that was going to be subjected to cosmetic testing.[1]

Billy Batson

Mr. and Mrs. Vasquez decided they wished to adopt another child, this prompted the arrival of Billy Batson who was the same age as Mary.[1] Billy was originally hostile towards the whole family but when Mary was attacked at school by children who were the sons of a wealthy a corrupt businessman named Bryers, Billy saved her.[2]

A couple of nights later Bryers came to the door of the Vasquez residence accusing Billy of destroying his car, however Billy had been missing since yesterday. A news bulletin came on the tv warning residents of Philadelphia that a new super-villain named Black Adam was rampaging downtown and demanding that the new hero known as Shazam should face him. Freddy then told Mary and the other foster children that Billy was the hero that Black Adam was searching for.[3]

Freddy told Mary and the other children that Billy was gifted magical powers by a dying Wizard, allowing him to transform into an immortal adult; cast spells; fly; and possess super-strength. Black Adam was an ancient Egyptian with the same gifts as Billy who wanted to steal Billy's power for himself. Mary and the kids found Billy at the zoo where he was hiding with a tiger named Tawny who he used to visit with his parents.[3]

Bill decided the key to defeating Black Adam would be found in the Rock of Eternity—the Wizard's fortress at the center of existence.[3] Mary and the other kids travelled into a subway tunnel with Billy, after claiming to talk to a woman on Eugene's ipad that nobody else could hear Billy rushed back out of the tunnel to face Adam.[4] Mary and the others followed Billy out of the tunnel but were grabbed by Black Adam.[5]

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