Quote1 ¡Más y Menos, sí podemos! Quote2
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Mas ("Plus") y Menos ("Minus") were twin superheroes that became part of the Titans East. They both speak in Spanish (usually in concert) so they are hard to understand most of the time.


  • Superhuman Speed: As long as they are in contact with each other, Mas y Menos can move at superspeed.


  • Separation: The two brothers are powerless if they are split up.
  • Power Overload: If Mas y Menos are separated for too long, they're power will build up so greatly that, upon contact with each other, they will be unable to separate unless struck with enough power. [1]
  • Mas y Menos are actually slower than Kid Flash, however, the brothers maintain focus better than their fellow Titan speedster. This fault caused Kid Flash to lose a worldwide race to Mas y Menos. [2]
  • In the Teen Titans Go! TV series, both Mas and Menos have a gap in their teeth.[3] In the original series, only Menos had a gap in his teeth, which was the only variation in facial feature of the twins.



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